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1 December 2014

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014

When it comes to Vocal Trance, Pure Bliss Vocals has become a symbol and the authority to the best in quality Vocal performances within Electronic Dance Music. Now in partnership with Raz Nitzan Music/Amsterdam Trance Records we present to you another compilation album. 

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014 takes a looks back over the year and shares some of the hottest vocals on offer. With music from the likes of Late Night Alumni, Ana Criado, Audrey Gallagher, Tenishia, Ellie Lawson, Allen & Envy, Jan Johnston, Nitrous Oxide, Kaimo K and many more. 



Tenishia & Maria Nayler - Lifetime When Right (Radio Edit)
Beat Service feat. Jess Morgan - When You Won't Come Home (Radio Edit)
Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Edit)
Allen & Envy feat. Jess Morgan - The Heart That Never Sleeps (Radio Edit)
Kaimo K & Sopheary - I Will Feel Again (Radio Edit)
A.R.D.I. & Cynthia Hall - Sunflowers (Radio Edit)
Ana Criado & Nitrous Oxide - Before I Met You (James Rigby Edit)
IRA & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time (Cold Rush Edit)
Flynn & Denton and Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Radio Edit)
Stoneface & Terminal and Ellie Lawson - For You (Radio Edit)
Myon & Shane and Late Night Alumni - Under Your Cloud (Radio Edit)
Tenishia & Ana Criado - Ever True (Radio Edit)
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Allen & Envy Edit)
Denise Rivera & Dennis Pedersen - For You To Wake Up (Radio Edit) 
Nitrous Oxide & Neev Kennedy - Let Your Heart Beat Home (Radio Edit)
Clay C & Tiff Lacey - Endless Sleep (Radio Edit)
Arman Bahrami & Molly Bancroft - Loving Out Loud (Kaimo K Edit)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Cynthia Hall - Step Towards The Within
Sneijder & Cate Kanell -Letting Me Go (Radio Edit)
Feel & Jan Johnston - Illuminate (First Effect Edit)

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29 September 2014

Eranga & Mino Safy feat. Sarah Russell - Save Me

After her recent top ten release with Estiva (Feels Right), Sarah Russell returns to How Trance Works with the high standard we have come to expect from one of our favourite UK based sirens. 'Save Me' is a heartfelt positive story where Shri Lanka born Eranga (Vandit) and Algerian maestro Mino Safy, (who has been making huge waves on the scene this year including regular Armin Van Buuren support on ASOT) provide the deep, moody and progressive backdrop with plenty of filthy bass and clever melodic synth work. 

One of Russia's hottest names Denis Kenzo from Armins own Armind label adds his signature dreamy yet chunky big room flavour while Manuel Rocca who is now a regular with Aly & Fila brings his emotional uplifting energy to this vocal gem that shines brighter than white! 

Release Date: 13th October, 2014


Andy Moor & Lange feat. Fenja - Top Of The World (Remixes):

OUT NOW at Beatport:
Release Date (all Stores): 13th October 2014
Label: Lange Recordings
Cat #: LANGE151

Capitalising on the recent success of Andy Moor & Lange's high profile collaboration - 'Top Of The World' featuring Fenja, the track is once again brought to the forefront of the trance scene in a jaw dropping, double headed remix package.

First up to sculpt his own interpretation is talented French 'Wizard', Ferry Tayle. Having just recently released his second artist album to global critical acclaim, it comes as no surprise that Ferry Tayle was chosen for remix duties. Adding a personal touch to each of his tracks, he manages to capture both melody and euphoria in the first of two sterling records.

On the B side is none other than Joseph Areas. No stranger to reworking the likes of Andy Moor in his recent 'Fade To Light' Remix, Areas makes it his own with interspersed FX and energetic synth work.

A hand-crafted remix package for two of the industry's top standing officials on Lange Recordings!



Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Frozen (Yuri Kane Remix):

In February 2014, the world heard the absolute hit of the Roman Messer & Christina Novelli called "Frozen". This track was so loved by listeners of vocal trance that they want to hear more remixes on this beautiful track, and it's time to hear new version from the master of vocal trance Yuri Kane! 

Yuri Kane - author of the popular track called "Right Back", in recent years, never ceases to amaze the audience and makes the world a lot of new hits. His touch on the track "Frozen" has turned out just magical, lovely atmosphere and melody accompanied by beautiful vocals of Christina Novelli emphasized rhythm and deep bass line make this an incredibly beautiful remix memorable in the history of club music.



Out Now: Mike Shiver & Shannon Hurley - A Little Rain

Mike Shiver has had an incredibly busy year. With multiple releases on Enhanced, Armada and his own record label Captured Music along side remixes for the likes of Markus Schulz, Orjan Nilsen, Rapha combined with his weekly 'Captured Radio' show, it's a wonder the man has any spare time at all!

We are proud to team up with Mike once again on this very special 50th release for the label. featuring the ever talented Shannon Hurley who delivers a stunning vocal performance. ‘A Little Rain’ is a quality Trancer with great atmosphere and a well produced sound that explodes into peak time. With Allen & Envy along for remix 

duties, this package is sure to make its way into many a collection.



27 September 2014

Jurgen Vries feat. Bo Bruce – Satellites

Back in the early nighties Jurgen Vries (aka Daren Tate) ruled the waves with his quirky trance / hard house hybrid sound that brought him numerous hits including a UK No.3 record with 'The Opera Song", "Wilderness" and the immortal "The Theme".
Fast forward a few years and Jurgen has dusted off his spacesuit and made a welcome return with 'Satellites'. Joining forces with 'The Voice' runner-up and top 10 album act Bo Bruce, Jurgen is back with a vengeance with an updated yet still unique sound featuring Bo's stunning vocals on a song co-written with Zero 7's Henry Binns.
Coupling a unique fusion of cool electro beats and uplifting trance nuances, the true Jurgen Vries is back and ‘Satellites’ is a real crowd pleaser with its uplifting chords, lush vocal courtesy of Bo Bruce and infectious summer inspired groove.
On remix duties we’ve employed the chosen talents of Mondo star Anxess who serves an electro-fused bomb. He takes the original and puts it through his renowned production style, adding gritty bass lines, playful melodies and a feel good vibe that will lift you off the ground. The second mix comes from the gifted up and coming duo Stargliders, the guys serve up a monstrous trance alternative packed full of killer bass lines, epic melodies and a persistent grove that will have crowds going crazy.
Released: 13th October 2014 on Mondo Records

Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid

Black Hole welcomes Grammy nominated producer Andy Moor and his highly respected AVA Recordings to the distribution family! A label rich with history and a high standard of quality music, AVA Recordings is excited to its next chapter of growing the brand and it’s artists through exciting new opportunities led by a passionate team. With highly anticipated singles from Andy Moor, Betsie Larkin, Somna, Jennifer Rene, Mike Saint-Jules, Roxanne Emery and more, the future is looking very promising! 

First out of that gate is the latest from Betsie Larkin and Andy Moor. They reunite for another unforgettable anthem with ‘Not Afraid’ - the follow up to their massively popular ‘Love Again’, released in 2013. 

‘Not Afraid’ is a testament to the quality of soul driven song-writing and production you would come to expect from the two. Lyrically Betsie has penned an empowering anthem about bravely rising above challenges. Not conforming to today’s cookie cutter productions, the two combine unique vocal melodies and understated production techniques that culminate in musical brilliance. 

Dancing melodies drench your sonic palette, quirky vocal slices create atmospheric moods, and Andy’s signature bass lines drive “Not Afraid” which all make for something memorable. Betsie’s vocal talents soar above with a declaration of fearlessly confronting the situations that drag us down. No doubt a song to last the ages and a welcome return for this highly anticipated collaboration!


Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid (Original Mix) 


26 September 2014

Lyrics: RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore

Lyrics: RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore

In empty streets I can forgive this beating heart where you still live
Can’t sleep tonight, when there’s no sound, still wait for you to be around
You were the ears I could confide
Always you stood by my side
You were the spark that set my world on fire

You were the time of my life, oh yeah
And all our tender moments they won’t go away
You were the time of my life, oh yeah
Will never forget the night when you slipped away


24 September 2014

Denis Kenzo & Jilliana Danise - Will Be Forever:

We welcome Denis Kenzo back on his home label, fresh from his releases on Armin's very own Armind label and this time he joins Jilliana Danise from Holland for ''Will Be Forever''. Jilliana who is being hailed as one of the sweetest new voices in trance has enjoyed an amazing debut this year with “This Time” along side Philippe el Sisi & Abstract Vision, with the Wach remix being played 5 times on ASOT and featured on Armin’s ASOT Ushuaia 2014 CD. With talk of this ''This Time'' being in the top vocal trance releases of 2014, we are more than excited to bring you the follow up ''Will Be Forever'' with Denis Kenzo who again has blown us away with his typical big room melodic sensational sound!

Denis Kenzo has been carving out a solid name for himself as he builds the platforms to step up to the big time, and with his music being supported not only by Armin but by all the big players in the scene incl. Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, BT etc, it wont be too long before everyone knows the name of this incredible Russian talent. Denis shows his multitude of skills in two very different mixes, the original mix in his euphoric dream trance sound and the other a more filthy big room progressive sound complete with dubstep style fx and and plenty of side-chained synth seduction.

Vocal bliss right here for total dance floor domination!

Out on Beatport 6 October, 2014


Giuseppe Ottaviani & Alana Aldea - In This Together (Jordan Suckley Remix):

Trance has gotten the colour back in its cheeks over the last 12 months… and that colour, more often than not, has been Magenta! Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Magenta’ vision has thus far spawned a studio album, a string of live events, a live-in-concert CD and a raft of fan-embraced singles. 

 Back at the start of 2014, Giuseppe brought the Alana Aldea-sung ‘Heal This Empty Heart’ into its single spectrum. Now, to artistically loop that particular circuit, and herald the second single from the critically acclaimed ‘Magenta Live’ album, here’s the Parisian vocalist’s next contribution to Ottaviani’s ‘Magenta’-verse’. 

 First mix to be released is a peak-time master-blaster from Jordan Suckley, and so the doors to the peak-time spins are thrust wide open, as the man of the moment delivers a colossal ‘In This Together’ revision. With some unchecked LFO and furiously propulsive levels of 303 flowing through the rework’s arteries, the sear of Alana’s vocal connects it all together. Ensuring maximum elevation at its most crucial moment, Suckley kisses it all off with an anthemic sky-catching synth-surge!



Adagio Sensus & Ellie Lawson - Easy For You:

A rising star of vocal trance stage Ellie Lawson, having recorded tracks together with Stoneface & Terminal, Feel, Matt Bukovski, etc. is ready now to release a brand new track on Trancemission label.

This time it was recorded with a gifted project Adagio Sensus. "Adagio Sensus & Ellis Lawson - Easy For You". The original mix is filled with tender and positive sound, sensual piano and powerful lead. NoMosk remix thoughtfully combines loud and powerful sound with quite a tender vocal of Ellie. 1 Touch Remix will appeal to the lovers of more club sound with its driving bass line and dancing chord.



Kenneth Thomas feat. Colleen Riley - Ghost In The Machine 2014

Alter Ego Records presents Kenneth Thomas' revisit to his 2006 hit Ghost In The Machine! 

Unquestionably Kenneth's biggest release to date now the 2014 take on his hit is ready to be unleashed! The timeless haunting vocals of US vocalist Colleen Riley coupled with the new infectious blueprint of the original from back in 2006 really works wonders! 

The only remix comes in care of the very talented LTN who delivers a crystal cut big room mix that will definitely set dance floors alight!