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1 December 2014

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014

When it comes to Vocal Trance, Pure Bliss Vocals has become a symbol and the authority to the best in quality Vocal performances within Electronic Dance Music. Now in partnership with Raz Nitzan Music/Amsterdam Trance Records we present to you another compilation album. 

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014 takes a looks back over the year and shares some of the hottest vocals on offer. With music from the likes of Late Night Alumni, Ana Criado, Audrey Gallagher, Tenishia, Ellie Lawson, Allen & Envy, Jan Johnston, Nitrous Oxide, Kaimo K and many more. 



Tenishia & Maria Nayler - Lifetime When Right (Radio Edit)
Beat Service feat. Jess Morgan - When You Won't Come Home (Radio Edit)
Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Edit)
Allen & Envy feat. Jess Morgan - The Heart That Never Sleeps (Radio Edit)
Kaimo K & Sopheary - I Will Feel Again (Radio Edit)
A.R.D.I. & Cynthia Hall - Sunflowers (Radio Edit)
Ana Criado & Nitrous Oxide - Before I Met You (James Rigby Edit)
IRA & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time (Cold Rush Edit)
Flynn & Denton and Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Radio Edit)
Stoneface & Terminal and Ellie Lawson - For You (Radio Edit)
Myon & Shane and Late Night Alumni - Under Your Cloud (Radio Edit)
Tenishia & Ana Criado - Ever True (Radio Edit)
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Allen & Envy Edit)
Denise Rivera & Dennis Pedersen - For You To Wake Up (Radio Edit) 
Nitrous Oxide & Neev Kennedy - Let Your Heart Beat Home (Radio Edit)
Clay C & Tiff Lacey - Endless Sleep (Radio Edit)
Arman Bahrami & Molly Bancroft - Loving Out Loud (Kaimo K Edit)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Cynthia Hall - Step Towards The Within
Sneijder & Cate Kanell -Letting Me Go (Radio Edit)
Feel & Jan Johnston - Illuminate (First Effect Edit)

Video Previews:


12 September 2014

Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora - Palm Of Your Hand

Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora - Palm Of Your Hand

Forthcoming on Enhanced Sessions Volume 4.

Release Date: September 22nd 2014
Label: Enhanced Music
Cat. Number: EnhancedCD023
Pre-order Signed CD:
Pre-order at iTunes:

Matt Cerf & Ost & Meyer feat. Fenja - Like We Love

Artist: Matt Cerf, Ost & Meyer
Track: Like We Love
Label: Always Alive Recordings [Enhanced Music]
Release Date: October 6, 2014

He's produced and remixed with the best names in trance and progressive, most notably his #1 collaborator, wife singer-songwriter Jaren, and now Matt Cerf teams up with Ukrainians Ost & Meyer for a new track called "Like We Love." Collaborating for the first time, Matt, Nikita (Ost) & Vadym (Meyer) say farewell to summer with an ode to California sun, beaches and dancing 'til sunrise. Featuring Fenja's sultry vocals interlaced with deluxe piano chords and chilled beats, "Like We Love" will be released October 6 on Enhanced Music imprint Always Alive Recordings, along with two remixes by Avenue One and Joshi. 

Avenue One is the secret side project of two producers--who at the moment, remain anonymous--that resulted in a remix to Aly & Fila Feat Jaren Cerf - "For All Time" that landed in the top 100 on Beatport's Trance chart. Their remix of "Like We Love" marks the duo's second release and gives the track a solid, progressive trance vibe with a revamped melody. A clear sign of what's to come when these two talents join forces, Avenue One is a name you'll want to commit to memory. 

Hailing from the sand & surf of Goa, India, Joshi takes the track down a deep house route, slowing the tempo and giving Fenja's vocals the jazzy, chillout aura of a sunset cafe. Fenja is the pseudonym of another well-known artist who goes undercover in "Like We Love," but her real name was revealed by Armin van Buuren on A State of Trance #676. With that recognizable voice, it shouldn't be hard for fans to figure out who Fenja really is! 

All three renditions of Matt Cerf with Ost & Meyer (feat. Fenja) - "Like We Love" will be released on Beatport October 6 and all other portals October 20! 




Igor Dyachkov vs. Anna Lee - The Night

Igor Dyachkov teamed with Anna Lee for his new single "The Night". Starting off with the rolling baseline and chopped vocals this single builds into a pure beauty. 

Behind the remix we have Aimoon with his stunning clubby progressive banger for the big audiences and rooms and Alexander Zhakulin who touches the house base in his remix.

Original Mix:

Aimoon Remix:

Alexander Zhakulin:


9 September 2014

Mike Shiver & Shannon Hurley - A Little Rain

Mike Shiver has had an incredibly busy year. With multiple releases on Enhanced, Armada and his own record label Captured Music along side remixes for the likes of Markus Schulz, Orjan Nilsen, Rapha combined with his weekly 'Captured Radio' show, it's a wonder the man has any spare time at all!

We are proud to team up with Mike once again on this very special 50th release for the label. featuring the ever talented Shannon Hurley who delivers a stunning vocal performance. ‘A Little Rain’ is a quality Trancer with great atmosphere and a well produced sound that explodes into peak time. With Allen & Envy along for remix 

duties, this package is sure to make its way into many a collection.


8 September 2014

Pure Bliss Vocals Interview with Amber Traill:

Rising EDM vocalist Amber Traill stops by at Pure Bliss Vocals for a chat. 

Interview by Danny @PureBlissVocals


PBV:  Hello Amber, Welcome to Pure Bliss Vocals. How have you been? 

AT:  Great thanks! So busy, but so great :)

PBV:  Being a rising vocalist within the Trance and Electronic Dance Music scene it’s a great treat to be chatting to you. For anyone new to your music, tell us a little bit about yourself?

AT:  Well I’m actually half-Australian and half-Canadian.  I grew up in Brisbane, and then after I graduated high school, I lived in Tokyo for a year (and now speak fluent Japanese).  Then I went to University in Melbourne… then I moved to New York for a year… and now I’m currently living in Toronto.  I’ve also been to Egypt, Thailand, the Middle East, The Bahamas, South Africa, Korea, China… I love travelling and learning about new cultures!

PBV:  Did you have an extensive musical background in composition and singing?  

AT:  Not at all!  Actually I grew up wanting to be a lawyer. I was a total nerd – I always had my nose buried in a book because I love to learn!  So I never had any musical or vocal training.  I merely write what I feel, and I sing from the heart.  I’m a vocalist because I fell in love with Trance music and wanted to become a part of the music that made me happy. I wanted to create music that makes other people happy too.  I’m very passionate and ambitious about what I do.

PBV:  Singing aside, you’ve also explored DJing… How did you enjoy this experience?  I presume your keen on pursuing DJing further?

AT:  Yes, my music career actually began in DJing!  As I said, I discovered ‘trance’ and fell in love with it.  I wanted to share my love and knowledge of the genre with others, by playing them the music I’d fallen in love with.

Eventually I realized I didn’t just want to play other people’s music, I wanted to create the music.  I wanted to be a part of this beautiful thing I listen to, every day. That’s why I decided to move into singing and songwriting. Actually, I would like to get back into DJing more, in addition to continuing my work as a vocalist… who knows, perhaps I’ll even start producing too? Stay tuned guys ;)

PBV:  What music did you grow up listening to, and who were your biggest influences?

AT:  OceanLab! That was the beginning of the end for me!  Then I began to delve deeper into this thing they called ‘trance’. Like the true nerd that I am, I did my research. I read books, borrowed CDs from mates, watched films. I watched ‘Groove’, ‘Go’, ‘Human Traffic’, ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ and ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ and they became my all-time favorite movies!

Then, I started with the classics – Paul Oakenfold’s Goa Gold and Goa Silver mixes, early Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren, old school Tiesto, Way Out West, Gabriel and Dresden… I listened to a lot of BBC Radio One guest mixes…  actually Matt Darey ‘Nocturnal’ podcasts were the foundation on which I built my Trance knowledge and passion. I love that ‘Sunday afternoon, pool-side, ambient Trance’…

I loved the fluidity of old school trance – every song blended seamlessly into the next. The set took you on a journey, in its entirety.  These days, I often feel that DJs try to take you on a journey with each song.  I mean, every very song is comprised of an epic buildup and an epic drop… but this can get tired. I like it when the whole set tells a story and songs are selected because they work well within the set, not because the individual track ‘gets the crowd pumping’. The DJ should be working to keep the crowd happy, not relying on an individual ‘banger’ track.

PBV:  “Let Me Go” with Martin Duckworth was your debut EDM single signed to Trancecoda Recordings… Uplifting Vocal Trance at it’s finest! What is the meaning/story behind the lyrics?

AT:  Well, I wrote that song during a period of catharsis.  I was unhappy and unsatisfied in a relationship… and as much as we both wanted it to work and tried to force it to work, I knew we weren’t right for each other.  They wanted me to fit into a perfect little life they had planned out for the two of us… But I couldn’t be what they wanted. I didn’t truly want what they wanted, even though it seemed like a perfect, pretty little picture.  So I left. I escaped. 

I knew that in running away, I would break their heart… But I was so restless and frustrated in that relationship, I felt like I was suffocating at the end there… They had such a black and white view of the world. Something was either right or wrong, there was no in between, no grey area – this attitude was smothering me.  

I wrote “Let Me Go” by way of working through the guilt I was feeling, from tearing down something that I’d built with another person. I had to be destructive to be free, and I knew I had to be free to be happy.

This having been said, I’m always reluctant to explain why and how I wrote a song.  I want my fans to know me better through interviews, but I also want them to know themselves better through my music.  I don’t want to define how they hear my tracks or what my lyrics mean to them. If my tracks make one person happy or help one person work through a problem or inspire one person – I’ve done my job.

PBV:  When recording vocals and writing lyrics do you have a specific step-by-step process? 

AT:  I work on a track-by-track basis and I approach every track a different way, in terms of what I want to make, where I am in my life, how I’m feeling about the people around me, and what the vocal releases at the time sound like… every time I write a song, I try to capture an emotion, or a combination of emotions.  Perhaps it’s something that I’ve felt and am trying to work through/understand.  Or perhaps it’s something that I used to feel and am now at peace with.  It may even be something that I wish I could feel, or that I know other people have had to deal with… as I said, if my lyrics can make people happy or help them cope with things happen to them… I mean that’s all I want. I make this music for the fans – for the Trance Family! 

PBV:  Another release from you this year was “Gravity” with Dave Correa… Once again, a huge uplifting production with an angelic vocal! How did this collaboration form and what’s the story behind this track? 

AT:  Well Dave Correa was actually introduced to me by my good friend Simon Patterson, when I used to live in New York.  One day he emailed me asking for help on a track – all he wanted was a hook and some ‘ooohs and aaahs’.  I wrote and recorded the takes in my home studio in 15 minutes and sent them back to Dave.  Full On 140 Recordings liked my vocals so much they, decided to include the entire thing in the track and actually expanded the vocal portion! I was blown away by everyone’s response to my vocals – people have been so supportive.

PBV:  Do you have any other releases you can speak about? Any upcoming tunes this year you can share?

AT:  Well I recently released a track on Redux Recordings with Bjorn Michels called "This Kind Of Fight"... that one is quite edgy and flirty! It's a different style than what I'm used to creating, but I would love to make some more sexy and seductive tracks.

And then there's my recent collab with Lostly coming out on Discover Records. It's called "No Direction Home" and is actually the title track of his debut artist album.  I just got back from South Africa where we filmed the music video together... I can’t wait for everyone to hear his album and see the music video! 

Lostly is a really good friend of mine, and honestly, he’s one of the most talented producers I’ve had the opportunity to work with, thus far.  I actually spent a week in his Johannesburg studio, finalizing our songs, and watching him edit the “No Direction Home” album. His family welcomed me into their home and showed me around the country. Lostly and I watched documentaries on the history of music hardware and he taught me about synths… It was an educational holiday! Haha :)

PBV:  What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any exciting event/gigs you’re attending? 

Well, I will be performing live vocals at the Play Music Festival in Canada on Saturday, September 13th… I’m singing with a local Toronto DJ and producer by the name of Baranov – such a talented guy! Good buddy of mine too. I actually have a dark and progressive track coming out soon with him, called "Velocity"... It's an edgy and seductive track!  I cant wait sing at Play Music Festival… if you’re in Toronto this weekend, be sure to come check out my live vocal set with Baranov!"

PBV:  When your not making music, what’s the average day in life of Amber Traill like? Do you have any hobbies or favorite past times you enjoy doing?

AT:  I love to read and write… like I said before – I’m a total dork! I always have my nose buried in a book, and libraries are my favorite places to be. Libraries and airports. I also really love to run…

PBV:  Lastly, a huge thank you for speaking with me today! I wish you all the best and on behalf of all the readers at Pure Bliss Vocals we’re all excited to hear more music from you… Where can readers/listeners get in touch with you?

AT:  Oh, I welcome fans getting in touch with me! I’ve recently had some really cool fan art done of me, and I always share that on my social media :)

You can reach out to me at any of the following:
Twitter & Instagram:  @amber_traill

Massive thank you to Pure Bliss Vocals, my friends and family – and of course, to my Trance Family! – for their ongoing support!

Out Now: Richard Durand & Fisher - In Your Hands

Richard Durand joined forces with Fisher and her illustrious vocals for the spine tingling piece of trance music that is ‘In Your Hands’. Besides a little mystery thanks to Fisher’s hypnotizing vocals, some slamming beats also await the listener. Do make sure to get this ‘In Your Hands’! This package contains a full vocal mix, as well as a radio edit.


1. Original Mix

2. Full Vocal Mix
3. Radio Edit



Dinka & Tania Zygar - Not Okay

Dinka is on a roll, for the past five years this musical genius has spread her wings and lifted up house-and progressive enthusiasts worldwide with her culturally diverse sounds. For her latest track 'Not Okay' the Swiss DJ has teamed up with the Canadian Tania Zygar. In just a few short years, Tania has made a real impact on the electronic dance music scene with her catchy hooks and silky vocals. 

With 'Not Okay' this international duo delivers an uplifting, rhythmic trance track and Tania Zygar's enchanting vocals give a nice mysterious edge to this release. ‘Not Okay’ is a unique release and a definite must-have.


Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Cathy Burton - Incomplete

Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight have been unleashing peaktime Trance Anthems consistently over the past three years with "Silhouette" and "Stole The Sun" leading the pack! With their clever, unique, exceptionally well produced sound, they've won support from the biggest DJs in the world and built a strong fan base along the way!

This time around they team up with the ever talented Cathy Burton, a shining light in the Vocal Trance scene. Cathy’s body of work includes collaborations with Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan, Stoneface & Terminal, Ronski Speed and Omnia to name but a few and here on ‘Incomplete’ she shines through once again with a magical performance.

Out Now: Solis & Sean Truby with Audrey Gallagher - Skin Deep

Artist: Solis & Sean Truby with Audrey Gallagher 
Track: Skin Deep
Label: Infrasonic Records
Release Date: September 8, 2014 (Beatport), September 22 (all)

They're an English trance duo on the rise and she's one of the most recognized vocalists in the scene. Now Solis & Sean Truby and Audrey Gallagher have come together to create a landmark of a track titled "Skin Deep," comingSeptember 8 on Infrasonic Records

Anyone familiar with tracks like John O'Callaghan's "Big Sky" and Armin van Buuren's "Hold On To Me" have been blessed by the Irish pipes of Audrey Gallagher, while Michael Smith (Solis) and Sean Truby's chart topping track "Empathy"--a regular feature on BBC Radio One--put them on the map. Collaborating for the first time on what is about to be their biggest track to date, "Skin Deep" plays like a modern trance masterpiece with flashbacks of the days of old. Audrey's yearning lyrics and soulful voice reach new heights, while Solis and Truby's soaring production gives new meaning to the word "uplifting." 

Early support comes from Markus Schulz on Global DJ Broadcast, Armin van Buuren on ASOT #676 and Ben Gold's Goldrush Radio. Add "Skin Deep" to your collection of favorites by grabbing it on Beatport on September 8 and September 22 from all other digital portals. 


5 September 2014

John O'Callaghan & Jennifer Rene - Games:

John O’Callaghan is at the forefront of quality trance producers. As a creator of deep, high energy, tech-driven and big room classic tracks, he is responsible for putting Ireland on the map as a source of excellent DJ and production talent. With his flawless ability to discover haunting vocal singers and merge them with uplifting melodies and big bass lines, his productions have earned him a place amongst the trance elite where he continues to rise and impress with the type of music that can’t fail to bring you out in goose bumps.
For his latest release on Subculture O'Callaghan has teamed up with American DJ and vocalist Jennifer Rene. On the question “What makes a vocal a good vocal?” Rene once answered: “When you're listening to the words of a song and you're feeling the singers emotions”. This is exactly why Rene is one of the best vocalists at the moment, her mesmerizing voice pulls you right into her songs.

Together, John O'Callaghan and Jennifer Rene present their brand new release “Games”, which can be best described as a high-ranking uplifting vocal trancer. Rene's delicate emotive vocal is underpinned effortlessly by O'Callaghan's sublime melodic undertones and precise production.

"Games" is another massive track on the Subculture label, which is much more than just any other record label. Not only have they been responsible for launching and developing the careers of the brightest talents in the electronic music world, but Subculture has grown into a forward thinking concept that now includes a successful Radio show, multiple Compilation Albums and sought after Merchandise. Not forgetting the world-wide events including sold out tours in Argentina, Australia, Holland, UK and the USA to name a few. It is fair to say that Subculture is one of the most definitive guides to global trance music!



3 September 2014

Mike Shiver feat. Theresia Svensson & Johnny Norberg - The Shade

Mike Shiver finds himself once again stepping onto the illuminating stage ofEnhanced with a debut original for the label in the form of an emotive new vocal single - 'The Shade'. Having teamed up with two talented singer/songwriters, Theresia Svensson & Johnny Norberg, the latter who has become a regular feature of late on Enhanced, Shiver manages to produce a captivating record that demonstrates his wonderful abilities with two brilliant mixes.

The Progressive Mix is a flurry of melodies and analogue styled synths whilst still capturing all the emotion in Svensson & Norberg's vocal mantra in a wonderfully classy progressive style.

On the flip side of this double edged release is the Club Mix. An altogether very different affair, this big room alternative is as technical as it is energetic. Staccato synths and EDM inspired FX make this track an ideal peak time trump card.

Not one, but two sterling mixes to choose from. Whether by the pool or in the club, 'The Shade' has it covered. A stunning outing from Mike Shiver feat. Theresia Svensson & Johnny Norberg! Huge early support fromTritonal and Armin van Buuren on ASOT!