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31 December 2014

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014

When it comes to Vocal Trance, Pure Bliss Vocals has become a symbol and the authority to the best in quality Vocal performances within Electronic Dance Music. Now in partnership with Raz Nitzan Music/Amsterdam Trance Records we present to you another compilation album. 

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2014 takes a looks back over the year and shares some of the hottest vocals on offer. With music from the likes of Late Night Alumni, Ana Criado, Audrey Gallagher, Tenishia, Ellie Lawson, Allen & Envy, Jan Johnston, Nitrous Oxide, Kaimo K and many more. 



Tenishia & Maria Nayler - Lifetime When Right (Radio Edit)
Beat Service feat. Jess Morgan - When You Won't Come Home (Radio Edit)
Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Edit)
Allen & Envy feat. Jess Morgan - The Heart That Never Sleeps (Radio Edit)
Kaimo K & Sopheary - I Will Feel Again (Radio Edit)
A.R.D.I. & Cynthia Hall - Sunflowers (Radio Edit)
Ana Criado & Nitrous Oxide - Before I Met You (James Rigby Edit)
IRA & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time (Cold Rush Edit)
Flynn & Denton and Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Radio Edit)
Stoneface & Terminal and Ellie Lawson - For You (Radio Edit)
Myon & Shane and Late Night Alumni - Under Your Cloud (Radio Edit)
Tenishia & Ana Criado - Ever True (Radio Edit)
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Allen & Envy Edit)
Denise Rivera & Dennis Pedersen - For You To Wake Up (Radio Edit) 
Nitrous Oxide & Neev Kennedy - Let Your Heart Beat Home (Radio Edit)
Clay C & Tiff Lacey - Endless Sleep (Radio Edit)
Arman Bahrami & Molly Bancroft - Loving Out Loud (Kaimo K Edit)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Cynthia Hall - Step Towards The Within
Sneijder & Cate Kanell -Letting Me Go (Radio Edit)
Feel & Jan Johnston - Illuminate (First Effect Edit)

Video Previews:


21 December 2014

Fisher & Mike Shiver - Priceless

Mike Shiver, one of Sweden’s most well-known dj’s and producers, teamed up with Fisher for their brand new release on Black Hole Recordings. 

The result is an uplifting and danceable trancer to which Fisher’s vocals are a perfect match. Priceless! 



Vocal Trance Gems - Best of 2014

Showcasing bright lights of the Vocal Trance scene, our compilation series 'Vocal Trance Gems' focuses on the best DJs, producers and vocalists at this moment. 

On this special Best of 2014 edition we cater to the loyal Vocal Trance following with the likes of IRA & Ana Criado, Allen & Envy feat. Jess Morgan, Susana, JES, Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Cathy Burton, Feel & Elles de Graaf and many more of the hottest names who continue to show their talents with every note. True passion in compiling for the true passion of the following.



Kaimo K vs. Cold Rush and Katty Heath - Here I Am

Next up on Amsterdam Trance Records is a collaboration between two pioneers of the Uplifting Trance movement in Estonia, Kaimo K and Cold Rush. Between them they have built up a quality resume of peak-time tracks including ‘I Will Feel Again’ & 'Leap of Faith' and the outstanding ‘Perfect Run’ mash up for Kaimo as well as 'Distraction', 'Temptation' and ‘Near You’ for Cold Rush. 

Along for vocal duties is the ever talented Katty Heath who is no stranger to the Trance Community with tracks including ‘Stole the Sun’ with Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and the recent Beatport Trance Top 5 Smash ‘Beautiful Nothing’ with Radion6.

Here I Am’ is a true journey into uplifting space and a perfect example of work from these talented artists and we simply can’t get enough.

Release Date: January 5th 2015


Feel & Elles de Graaf - Shadows (The Sound of Without You):

Russian DJ Producer Feel is one of the most consistent players in the Russian Electronic scene, playing at the largest Festivals next to some of the biggest DJs in the world. He is also one of the chosen few charting in the DJ Mag Top 100 year on year!

Coming off recent collaborations ‘Illuminate’ with Jan Johnston as well as ‘So Lonely’ with Vadim Spark and Chris Jones as well as his own solo effort ‘The Razor’, Feel teams up on this next release with none other than Elles de Graaf to give us ‘Shadows (The Sound of Without You)'.

No stranger to the Trance Community and with numerous classics under her belt, Elles provides another stirring performance on this well produced track that has plenty of energy and enough drive to get any dance floor moving! 



10 December 2014

Pure Bliss Vocals Interview: Introducing EDM's next leading lady, Adara

Fresh off her number one spot on Beatport for her feature on the lead single from acclaimed Armada producer Shogun's album "Dragon," multi-faceted artist Adara has been quickly garnering recognition for her exceptional contributions to electronica/EDM. Feeding the momentum, Adara's second solo single "Expose" is out now via Archipelago Entertainment.

Originally from Denver, Adara now splits her time between Nashville and Atlanta. She is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, song writer and dancer. She is a passionate advocate for world conservation and discovering the hidden beauties of life. Coming from an acoustic pop background, Adara is on the rise in both electronic music and the fashion industry. 

 Adara seamlessly blends a rare combination of exceptional vocals, flawless production and new age fashion. She takes her audience on an exotic venture through her world, raising awareness about the wondrous planet we inhabit. Adara brings true musicality to each song and the ability to connect with her fans through her storytelling. Join her journey and prepare for an experience.


Interview by Danny @ PureBlissVocals

Hey Adara, Welcome to the world of EDM. How are you? You’ve only just recently been exposed into the Electronic Dance Music scene. Can you share with us a little about yourself and your background?

Thanks for chatting with me! I’m doing fantastic. I’ve got my new song “Expose” that just came out on Wednesday (Dec. 10th) and I’m excited to share it with everyone. 

To give you a little bit of background, I was born and raised in the majestic state of Colorado. I was exposed to the beauty of our National parks and all of the wildlife that thrives there. This really ignited a passion for land conservation and open space projects. Growing up, I learned to play the piano and guitar. When I was younger, I enjoyed performing in school and professional musical productions.  My favorite role was playing the female lead “Polly Baker” in Crazy For You, the musical by Ira and George Gershwin. I also took dance lessons in tap, jazz, ballet, and a little bit of pointe. These performances have really influenced my love of stage design and helped create my own world to share with everyone during live performances. I grew up with pop and alternative music.  I was definitely one of those girls with Britney Spears posters in my clubhouse while dancing to “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera.  As I got older, I really fell in love with the music of Coldplay. They’ve got an electronic flare and so I naturally started falling into the world of electronic music. The new TRON movie soundtrack by Daft Punk really sparked an interest in productions with heavy programming. After writing with my current producer, Ross Lara, I now realize that electronic music is the perfect home for me.  I’ve always been drawn to the synthesized magic and can do things in electronic music that I really couldn’t do in the pop/acoustic genre.

Having grown up in Denver. Tell us the differences between living in Colorado, Nashville and Atlanta?

Each of these cities has their own unique personality and heartbeat.  Colorado, for me, fuels my never-ending search for all things beautiful.  It gave me my connection to the earth, nature, wildlife, and open spaces. In Colorado, there is a heavy focus on health, fitness, and recycling.  So a lot of my personal health and eating habits come from growing up in Denver. The city also gave me an appreciation for the arts.  Our Denver Art Museum is massive and houses art from all over the world.

I owe a lot to Nashville because this city has really taught me to hone my craft of songwriting and to challenge myself musically.  When you’re in a city flooded with incredibly talented musicians, it motivates you to push yourself harder and find what makes you unique. I have learned so much from all of the writers that I collaborate with in Nashville. It is all about the song here.  It’s amazing to be living in a town full of creative people. I definitely relate to everyone better here.

Atlanta is a new love of mine. This city has some serious edge. It’s vibrant, hip, and full of variety. Atlanta is filled with creative people, but emphasizes the emotion in music and the beat that drives us.  I love meeting people in rap and hip-hop because it helps influence my music and adds more energy to my sound. Plus, some of the best food in the world is in Atlanta.  I’m a food lover and I don’t think I’ve had the same dish twice the whole time I’ve been in this amazing city.  

What music did you grow up listening to, and who were your biggest influences?

I grew up listening to my Dad’s vinyl collection.  Some of my fondest memories are jumping on a workout trampoline when I was little and singing to record after record with my Dad. I listened to The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson a lot. 

My biggest influences are the Eagles (because they are master story tellers) and Coldplay (because they create beautiful soundscapes full of emotion. Plus their lyrics are so poetic.) It’s all about a feeling you get when listening to their music.

Having originally come from an acoustic pop background. What drew you into the EDM world? What do you love about trance music? 

My music and lyrics have always had a fantasy approach to them and the Electronic Music genre really allows for those kinds of songs. “Fantasy” in music is how you lyrically approach a topic.  It’s the difference between describing it like you would in a normal conversation and describing it as if you were writing a fairytale.  To me, Trance music definitely sounds magical. That’s why working with DJ Shogun on the song “Dragon” was such a great fit.

I was drawn into the electronic world through my producer Ross Lara. From the first moment we wrote together, I realized that this was where I really belonged. I feel free to spread my wings and take more risks in this genre. The sky is the limit. Plus there is a strong emphasis on beauty, love, and respect.  Music should have a message and I think electronic music does just that.

What are your thoughts on pop music merging with EDM sounds?

I think the fusion of different genres of music is one of the most natural instances of synchronization in art.  Take jazz, for instance, which borrows from the blues, ragtime, classical music, spiritual music and African tribal rhythms and beats.  Content dictates form; these genres came together not because someone thought it would be neat in an academic sense to create some new, but because someone had a story to tell and the only way they could figure out how to do it was using this and using that to expose their story and their truth.  I don’t know where we are headed with the fusion of pop and EDM, but it's happening because it has to happen - the way it’s always happened in music.  It’s how we grow to share ourselves. 

Your first taste of EDM release was with Shogun. How did you get connected to Shogun to sing on his track, “Dragon?"

I was connected to Shogun through my producer, Ross Lara. He has a great relationship with Armada Music (Shogun’s label). I was honored when Armada sent us a track of Shogun’s to write to. The first time I heard the track, I remember turning to Ross and saying “It’s the strangest thing but when I listen to this track and close my eyes, all I see are Dragons.” Right then and there, “Dragon” was born.  Shogun did an incredible job with this track.  I can’t wait to work with him on more music.

What’s the meaning behind the lyric? 

The message of “Dragon” is that everyone is born with a spark.  It’s up to you to set it ablaze and release all of your strength and beauty like a Dragon breathing fire.

When recording vocals and writing lyrics do you have a specific step-by-step process? 

It depends on where the inspiration for a song comes from.  Sometimes, Ross has a track that he has created and we start writing a song over that.  Other times, it starts with a lyrical concept or a melody line.  As long as it happens organically, I try not to stick to a specific routine.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, do you have a favorite instrument to play?

The piano was my first love and continues to be my favorite instrument.  There is something about the piano that really resonates with my heart and who I am as an artist. The piano is so expressive with a tinge of sadness. It’s like a wise and old soul, very deep and introspective.  The piano brings out the melodies in me that the guitar does not.

What is your single, "Expose" about and how did you go about writing it?

Expose” is about vulnerability.  It's about stripping away your fears and letting another person see you completely, even inside the shadows and forgotten corners of your heart.  Sometimes, it's not as easy as simply unlocking a door.  Sometimes, you need someone to come along and knock down the walls you built up over time. It can be incredibly frightening to open up to someone.  It's dangerous letting them in. Being exposed like that can be beautifully thrilling and wonderful.  But the other person also knows the parts of yourself that can hurt you the most.  “Expose” is about that moment when you decide to be completely open and defenseless with someone.  It's about that decision to join your souls, feel the rush of energy, and FINALLY let someone in.  "Just expose me."

Ross Lara, my producer, started composing a beautiful track and shared it with me. I loved it and wanted to write something to it.  So Ross, Jeff Garrison (lead singer of Cassio Monroe), and I sat in the Archipelago studio in Atlanta and wrote the song in one evening.  It came to us pretty easily.  It’s exciting when all of the collaborators on the track feed off one another’s energy and inspiration. I love writing with Ross and Jeff and I’m really proud to be releasing “Expose.” It’s a very emotional track for me.

Download Expose: iTunes:

Music aside, you also have a keen eye for fashion. Who’s your favorite fashion designer?

Okay, I’m going to break the rules and pick two designers.  

First, is the amazing Mychael Knight. You may have caught his work when he was on Project Runway. I love how he emphasizes shoulders because that’s one of the best parts of a woman’s body.  His angular shoulder pieces and use of geometric shapes convey power and strength. Plus he works with a lot of mixed materials, which I love.  I’m all about textures and variation. He has been designing some pieces for me.  The hooded scarf that I wear is one of his creations and I can’t wait to reveal even more of his pieces in the coming year.

My second pick is an artist out of Spain. His company is called Divamp Couture and he designs amazing corsets, shoulder, arm, and headpieces. They are really futuristic and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The designs are almost like armor. I wear one of his armbands and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Definitely check him out. 

What inspired you to get into environmental conservation?

Living in Colorado really inspired my passion of environmental conservation.  When you grow up around so much beauty and open space, you want to protect it.  I’m all about protecting the things I care about.  

In 7th grade we had to do a project on a charitable organization and I researched Open Space projects in Colorado. That’s where I learned about the importance of protecting land.  I really want to get heavily involved in preserving open space all over the world.  We have to protect the planet and live within the ecosystem, no destroy it.

What's the number one thing you hope to inspire people to do?

I want to inspire people to find their inner soldier and let it out.  Be the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary life.  Stand up and protect what matters to you. Make a difference. The world is your stadium, so put on the best show you can.

With 2014 at a close, what’s your plans for the remaining month? 

I’m working with my team to get my live show ready to go on the road in 2015.  Also, I’m always writing and creating new music. I can’t wait for the coming year!

Thank you Adara. Wishing you all the best and we hope to join you on your musical journey into 2015.

Download Expose: iTunes:

Connect with Adara:

Ana Criado - Ever True (Album):

As one of the leading ladies in the Trance Community, Ana Criado certainly has done it all. Her list of collaborations reads like a who’s who list of Trance stardom: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Omnia, Max Graham, Beat Service, Stoneface & Terminal, Ronski Speed and Dennis Shepard. The list of hit releases continues but we thought it was time to take stock and compile something special. ‘

Ever True’ is a collection of some of Ana’s favourite tracks, hand picked by the talented lady herself. Tracks include ‘So Much of Me is You’ with Beat Service, ‘Never Been Hurt Before’ with Rafael Frost, ‘No One Home’ with Omnia and ‘Before I Met You’ with Nitrous Oxide to name but a few. Enjoy and Play Loud! 



Masoud feat. Melissa Loretta - Best Days

Melissa Loretta's IDMA nominated vocals have been supported by BBC Radio 1, and Masoud's given her a chance to shine on this understated production. With 3 equally impressive remixes of 'Best Days', Masoud shows why he's the leader of Iranian trance and progressive.



Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid (Remixes Part 2):

Wrapping up Betsie Larkin and Andy Moor's release are two fantastic remixes from Adam Ellis and Sean Murphy. Consistently topping the charts, UK based DJ and producer Adam Ellis has been on form lately and he brings a solid uplifting version of "Not Afraid" to the table. Subtle acids, gorgeous plucks, rolling basses and a massive main hook culminate into a fine example of what uplifting trance is all about. Fans of the 138 genre will not be disappointed! 

On the flipside, Irish talent Sean Murphy completes the lineup with a big progressive trance remix filled with hard hitting grooves and melodies. Combining tantalizing vocal chops alongside a re-written main lead, Sean proves that his future is very bright with this solid remix. A must have for any main room set!



9 December 2014

Tenishia & Somna feat. Michelle C - Show Me A New World

Tenisha and Somna bring us their long awaited collab 'Show Me A New World'. Trancy, warm and melodic are words that you think of when you hear this tune. Accompanied by the wonderfull vocals of Michele and a Tenishia Remix that takes a more dark but still powerfull tour, it is no doubt this tune is an ASOT a-list!



Dinka - A Date with Dinka (Album):

Sporting nothing but a pair of headphones, CD wallet and a block-rocking attitude worthy of Bodecea herself, Dinka is the party bringing, fierce-ruling princess of continental Europe’s clubland! 

So polish your dancing kicks, flutter those voluptuous lips, and stretch them gyrating hips because Dinka is taking you on a date. Not one of the blind, speed, double or virtual variety. This is a sonically charged, supremely judged assortment of house music that elevates your senses above and beyond the date of your wildest dreams. Combining progressive, deep, driving, tech and tough – infused with some melodic and lofty atmospheric trance textures just for for good measure – Dinka has blended them all in this double CD that is set to tantalize your taste buds more than chocolate from the Swiss misses natives homeland. Still, any date with this musical maestro is going to include chocolate… yes, lots and lots of chocolate. 

Sourced from some of Europe’s finest labels, Black Hole Recordings, Defected, SIZE, Axtone, Flamingo and Armada among them, a meeting with Dinka comes sound-tracked by music from Mooguai, Deny Koyu, Sunny Lax, Moonbeam, Roger Shah, Morgan Page, Radion6, Sied van Riel and a dozen or more others besides. 

Only question remains: dare you say ‘Yes’ to a date with Dinka!? 

Your rendezvous with Dinka begins with scene-setting earlier-in-the-night refinement courtesy of Ben Hennessy’s ‘In The Summer’, Alex O’Rion’s box-fresh rework of Vinson’s ‘Circular Progression’, Matteo Marini’s sonorous ‘Dynamite’, Moonbeam’s tripped-out ‘I Go On’ and Dinka’s own collab with Morttagua, ‘In Caelo’. 

As the first mix passes its halfway point the atmosphere becomes more charged... Underfoot, the tempo begins an upward shift, delivering an audible pulse spike. Sunny Lax’s effervescent ‘Luna’, Walden’s livewire remix of Roger Shah’s ‘Surrender’, EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg’s ‘Around the Sun’ and ‘Not Okay’ - Dinka’s recent single with Tania Zygar collectively raise the bigger room’s Fahrenheit. Disc 2 sees ‘A Date With Dinka’ shift up another couple of gears, becoming ever more floor-centric in the process. With ‘Assiduity’ & ‘Melody In ‘Harmony’, Roul and Doors deliver a pair of floor-wowers, whilst Schossow, Hawkins & Oliveros’s blistering ‘Ulysses’ and Deniz Koyu’ thrill-riding ‘Ruby’ also make the cut. 

Bringing the ‘Date’ to its inevitably messy (likely chocolate coated) conclusion the Swiss Miss hits the peaks of-peak-time with the big room highs of Estiva’s ‘Boxmeister’, Moguai’s 303 rampage ‘ACIIID’ and the anthemic heights of Radion6’s ‘Shattered Dreams’ and Sied van Riel ‘Gravity’. 

The clearest ideas of what 2½ hours in her company sounds like, consider your standing ‘Date With Dinka’ in the diary for December 22nd onwards. 


Dinka - A Date With Dinka 

Disc 1. 

01. Solarbeam & Smart Wave - Between The Rain Drops 
02. Verve & inSilico - Synergy 
03. Ben Hennessy - In The Summer 
04. Dinka & Morttagua - In Caelo 
05. Vinson - Circular Progression (Alex O'Rion Remix) 
06. Matteo Marini - Dynamite 
07. Moonbeam featuring Polina Griffith - I Go On (Peter Hulsmans Dub Movement) 
08. Max Freegrant - Oasis 
09. Sunny Lax - Luna 
10. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger featuring Chase - Surrender (Walden Remix) 
11. Matteo Marini - Violins 
12. EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Around the Sun 
13. Dinka & Tania Zygar - Not Okay 

Disc 2. 

01. Roul and Doors - Assiduity 
02. Marcus Schossow, Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros - Ulysses 
03. Deniz Koyu - Ruby 
04. Roul and Doors - Melody In Harmony 
05. Emma Hewitt - Miss You Paradise (Morgan Page Extended Club Mix) 
06. Marcus Schossow & Arston - The Universe 
07. Tom Nucleus - Revolution 
08. John Dish - Homme 
09. Dinka & Leventina - Elements (2013 Reload) 
10. Estiva - Boxmeister 
11. David Tort & Digital LAB - A Journey Into Sound
12. Moguai - ACIIID 
13. Radion6 - Shattered Dreams 
14. Sied van Riel featuring Alicia Madison - Gravity 


8 December 2014

Allen & Envy With Linnea Schossow - Unseparated

Greeting the last month of 2014 with outstretched (and very likely upraised!) arms, VANDIT lights the way to club land’s festive season with another floor entrancing collaborative number from amongst its production legion! 

On the studio side of this track’s psyche are Allen & Envy - two men who’ve only just finished raising floor-heat with their ‘Together’ release. To push that temperature but a few degrees higher still, for ‘Unseparated’ Steve and Scott have enlisted the impressive vocal talents of Ms. Linnea Schössow. !

No stranger to VANDIT Records, Linnea Schössow released her first standalone track ‘Someone Like You’ on the label back in 2011. Having subsequently collaborated with the likes of Mat Zo, Ben Nicky, brother Marcus and others, ‘Unseparated’ again see her again brings her singularly epic & emotional vocals to club floors and electronic music fans. 

Down in the production engine room Allen & Envy supply ‘Unseparated’ with the sonic fuel, charging the Original Mix with daisycutting drums, deep, thundery bass and coursing, high-lining synths. The collective result is a track that’s as limitlessly elevating as it its lyrical & vocally poignant... And hey, you can’t ask for much more than that!!


01: ‘Unseparated’ (Original Mix)