Saturday 5 September 2015

Pure Bliss Vocals - Chill Out Edition:

Pure Bliss Vocals has now teamed up with Adrian & Raz Recordings.
Pure Bliss Vocals is proud to bring you Chill Out Edition. The perfect album to relax and unwind too. The compilation features exclusive brand new chilled out Vocal Trance tracks. Completely stripped back and unplugged. Taking the Original production to a whole new level. If your into Ambient, Chill Out, Down-tempo and Acoustic then this compilation is perfect for you. Sit back and relax, It’s simply Pure Bliss!

Chill Out Edition is out on iTunes, Beatport and Amazon, March 25th 2013.

Includes music from Adrian & Raz, Ana Criado, Ellie Lawson, Beat Service, Omnia, Shannon Hurley, Cathy Burton, Nitrous Oxide, Neev Kennedy, Elles de Graaf and many more.

Expected release March 25th 2013.



1. Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz - Afterglow (Original Mix)
2. Space RockerZ & Ellie Lawson - Under The Same Sky (R.I.B Remix)
3. Neev Kennedy - The Unknown (Victima & Seven24 Remix)
4 . Carol Lee and Adrian&Raz - I Belong To (Original Mix)
5. Cathy Burton and Adrian&Raz - Reach Out To Me (Original mix)
6. Ellie Lawson and Adrian&Raz - A Hundred Ways (Original Mix)
7. Elles de Graaf - Take Me Away (James Cox Remix)
8. Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz - Dancing Sea (Original Mix)
9. Nitrous Oxide feat. Jess Morgan - Two Sides (R.I.B Remix)
10. Beat Service feat. Neev Kennedy - But I Did (BeeKay Remix)
11. Cathy Burton & Š˛mnia - Hearts Connected (R.I.B. Remix)
12. Ellie Lawson and Adrian&Raz - A New Moon (Original Mix)
13. Turn & Aguada feat. Eskova - Straight From My heart (R.I.B Remix)
14. Stonface and Terminal and Cathy Burton - Go The Distance (Chris
Wonderful Remix)
15. Julian Vincent & Shannon Hurley - Lost In Space (Lovers & Poets Mix)
16. Ilana Harkavi and Adrian&Raz - I Shouldn't Say (Original Mix)
17. Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz - Draggon Eyed (Original Mix)
18. Ellie Lawson and Adrian&Raz - A New Moon (Bryan Milton Remix)
19. Cathy Burton and Adrian&Raz - Reach Out To Me (R.I.B. Remix)
20. Ana Criado and Adrian&Raz - Afterglow (CJ RCM & Seven24 Remix)

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James Cox said...

Hell yeah been waiting for my chill out remix to finally be released ;)

Anonymous said...

lovely selection so far!!!

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