Wednesday 25 November 2015

Pure Bliss Vocals - Best of 2015

When it comes to Vocal Trance, Pure Bliss Vocals has become a symbol and the authority to the best in quality Vocal performances within Electronic Dance Music. Now in partnership with Raz Nitzan Music/Amsterdam Trance Records we present to you another compilation album. 

Celebrating an outstanding year of Vocal Trance in 2015. We round up some of the best vocal performances on offer this year. Beautiful sounds and lush vocals highlight this album. With music from Beat Service, Ana Criado, Boom Jinx, Jennifer Rene, Stine Grove, Betsie Larkin, LTN, Ronski Speed, Sarah Lynn and many more.

Release Date: 11th December 2015.



1. Kaimo K & Sarah Russell - Love Will Never Leave  (Radio Edit)
2. Beat Service & Ana Criado - Autumn Tale (Kaimo K Radio Edit)
3. Boom Jinx & Meredith Call - Bring Me Back Around (Radio Edit)
4. 4 Strings & Sue McLaren - Never Ever After (Radio Edit)
5. Betsie Larkin & Dennis Sheperd - Let It (Radio Edit) 
6. Radion6 & Sarah Lynn - A Desert Rose (Mhammed El Alami Remix Edit)
7. Nitrous Oxide & Denise Rivera - The Day (Radio Edit)
8. LTN & Ronski Speed with Cate Kanell - Live In Fire (Radio Edit)
9. Ronski Speed & Jennifer Rene - Into The Sky  (Radio Edit)
10. Tenishia & Sue McLaren - Stronger (Radio Edit)
11. Bart Claessen & Maria Nayler Still I Feel (Radio Edit)
12. Anske & Denise Rivera - Cold As Ice (Radio Edit)
13. Mike Shiver - Blinding Light (Radio Edit)
14. Eximinds & Jo Cartwright - Another Day Without Sunrise (Radio Edit)
15. UCAST & Susana - To Another Day (Radio Edit)
16. Stargazers & Kate Louise Smith - Black Diamond (Radio Edit)
17. Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson and Sarah Russell - Survivor (Stagazers Remix Edit)
18. LTN feat. Adara - Outside The Lines (LTN's Sunrise Mix)
19. Diversion & Jennifer Rene - Wishing (Radio Edit)
20. Zaa & Aneym - Dance With Me 2015
21. Ahmet Atasever feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - Love Waits (Radio Edit)
22. Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson & Neev Kennedy - Not Made To Break Omar Sherif Remix Edit)
23. Stine Grove - This World Is Full of Goodbyes (Sergey Shabanov Remix Edit)
24. Sergey Shabanov & Gemma Pavlovic - Who Am I Without You (Radio Edit)
25. Dan Chase & Cynthia Hall - Life Won't Let Us Fall (Radio Edit)
26. ReOrder & Katty Heath - Love Again (Radio Edit)
27. Witness45 feat. Jess Morgan - Lightspeed (Radio Edit)
28. Beat Service & Sarah Lynn - Dream Weaver (Radio Edit)
29. Somna & Jennifer Rene - Back To Life (Radio Edit)
30. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane - Playing With Fire (Radio Edit)

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